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Top 10 love-games

We fully agree with age-old adage that competition between lovers makes a relationship sour, but what if the competition is packed in some utterly romantic love games? Well, in such a case, these love games will strengthen your love ties by bringing you closer to your mate thus taking both partners to newer heights of interactivity and intimacy. In short, love competition adds the much needed spice to your relationship. Sometimes it takes something as simple as being playful to ward off the monotony surrounding our love life and to get you both back into the mood for romance and passion. So, get into the act folks as it's playtime and remember there's nothing like a sexy romantic game to sizzle up the action between the sheets. There's no time like the present moment so go ahead and get acquainted with these fun-filled love games that seek to unleash the playboy in your man and the sex siren in you. You don't have to be a newly-wed to play these love games. These games are the best remedy when you feel the spark fizzling out of your love shack. Just gear up for some love action coz as the saying goes - 'couples who play together, stay together!'
1. Hide and Seek
Before you chuck this idea out as a stale game, let us tell you that it's a 'nude' hide and seek match that we are proposing! So, make sure your blinds are down before you both decide to do the 'Full Monty' or peeping Toms in your neighbourhood may just end up having a field day.

Rules: When the game is intensely naughty, the rules have to be sexier to keep up the tempo. How about something like: "If he finds you, he wins 10 minutes of extreme pleasure." And in case he fails, he'll be your love slave for the day and vice versa. Exploit his weakness to the fullest!
Add the sizzle: Rather than being stark naked, wear just one piece of clothing that simply turns your partner on. How about a garter belt or those killer stilettoes? Men, how about those sexy thongs or how about flaunting that tattoo near your navel. Finding you wearing just what he/she dreams of will add to the victory match!
2. Bursting balloons
Who said only kids play with balloons? Even adults do! By the end of this balloon game, resisting each other will be simply impossible. Blow up ten (or more) round party balloons. Place them between you and your lover while lying in bed together. Now, both of you start to hug, squeeze and kiss each other, while squashing the balloons in between your bodies resulting in them going pop! The bet is to break as many of them as possible.
Rules: You can't break the balloons alone by riding on them, but strictly by squashing them between your hot bods.
Add the sizzle: Pep up the thrill of breaking the balloons by putting sweet little love notes into some of them. The balloons are a lot harder to pop this way than you might imagine.
3. Basketball strip game
Playing basket ball with your partner is a good idea to induce some physical exercise. All you need to do is set up a basketball hoop in your home and start shooting hoops. Doesn't sound interesting enough? Why not make it titillating by adding a sensuous reward for every shot you get through? So, every time he scores, you have to strip a piece of clothing you have on and if you get through, he strips and so on. This acts as an exciting twist in your normal basketball routine and is surely going to set the temperature soaring with sweaty passion. Before you know it, waiting for that last winning shot will be actually arousing!
Rules: Abandon the usual tracks or shorts and dress formally from head to toe. More the number of clothes...more is the sexual excitement as you view your partner stripping off every last piece of clothing to keep up with your sex drive!
Add the sizzle: The winner gets it all as the losing partner has to do anything and everything the winner demands. The more creative you are, the more fun the exercise promises to be!

4. Sniff the kiss zone
No G-spot hunting here! Rather, in this game you need five diverse fragrances sprayed on five different spots of your body. Now, let your partner employ his senses to detect those sweet smelling spots and leave his love mark there! Reward? Hmm...what's better than a sweet smelling kiss or a long lasting hickey?
Rules: The hunter is strictly supposed to do a 'nose job with no skin touches' until he/she locates the sweet smelling spot and once it's done; the other partner simply has to surrender. Add the sizzle: Get experimental! Instead of regular flowery smells...go for heady fragrances to drive your mate to new heights. The effect will not just be magical, but lasting as well.
5. Nooky numbers
This will only make foreplay even more intense. All you both need is a deck of cards here. Shuffle and place them face-down between you and your partner. Now, take turns to pick out cards from the pile. Follow the rules below and keep playing till you can resist taking the big plunge.
Rules: If you draw a number card, you get to kiss that many spots on your partner's body. You drew a King/Queen? You win a 15-minute, sensual body massage. If a Jack is drawn, simultaneously pleasure each other for ten minutes in all your favourite love spots. Aces are considered wild card entry here! If you are lucky to draw one, it grants you one of your carnal desires.
Add the sizzle: Surprise your partner with a yummy smooch in his/her desired body part if you loved the massage. You never may end up hitting the jackpot!
6. Blind Berry Hunting
In this love hunt, one partner blindfolds the other. Whoever is not blindfolded hides small quantities of berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc) all over their body and the other has to hunt them out. The reward is that the hunter wins wishes equaling the number of berries he has located.
Rules: The hunter is not allowed to use hands, only mouth-work here. And the other partner has to grant the hunter's most erotic wishes.
Add the sizzle: Don't let the excitement finish at just discovering the berries. Hand feed them to your beau on the very body part you located them. Tickling caused by your eating coupled with the magic of berry-juice dripping while you eat will turn-on your partner leaving him/her craving for more action!
7. Love Pictionary
You must have played Pictionary as a child. We are just making it 'love pictionary' for the adults. In this game, one of you makes a sketch of the surprise you want to have at night from your partner.For instance, draw a beach, sand, sun and sea if you want to get dirty on the beach this weekend! And if your partner guesses your clue don't have to ask for another reward! He too wins a chance to etch out his wildest fantasies! A win-win situation for both!
Rules: Whosoever is drawing should not speak and the guessing mate can't deny actually performing what's been drawn. What if he fails to guess? He doesn't get a chance to draw what he wants till he makes the right guess.
Add the sizzle: The drawer can be as suggestive as he/she can while drawing out the clues. After all, you want your partner to guess right!
8. Ultimate patience test
As the name suggests, in this game both the partners take chances to test each other's patience. One of them is active, while the other is a passive partner. The passive partner has to lie still, while the active partner takes charge to do just about everything pleasurable to the other. Being active, your motto is to elicit a response from the other, while the latter has to strive to control so as to enjoy maximum gratification.
Rules: It is only when the passive partner reacts (moans or moves) that the doer wins his pleasure trip.
Add the sizzle: The active partner is allowed to touch all levels of teaching and touching to excite the passive partner. The best part about this game are the discoveries you make about your partner - sensitive areas on his/her body, most erogenous zones, favourite pleasurable techniques, sensual responses, the list is endless. Every game will make you more adroit to excel in the second round.
9. Catch an alphabet!
You must have played it in your schooldays. It was something like this - one person started with a city starting with 'A' as the other called out a city's name starting with the alphabet on which the first city ended. Replace the cities with parts of each other's bodies now! Let him start with a body part starting with 'A' and then you take it forward. The tease here is that each one has to kiss the body part being called out. If there's no body part corresponding to an alphabet, just get creative and name it yourself to keep the passion soaring sky high.
Rules: You can't skip your turn. Whosoever fails to find a body part loses the golden chance to kiss. As they say one person's loss is another's gain - the other partner takes over his chance to get naughty with a particular part of your body. So try and win!
Add the sizzle: Don't just limit yourself to kissing your lover's body part!
10. Role playing
All of us cherish certain wild fantasies relating to certain professions and professionals. Some love getting spanked by a head mistress, while others just love watching a doctor taking over. If even you have one such naughty fantasy...get into some serious role playing! Dress up the way your partner wants and play act a naughty role just for him/her. How about a wicked schoolgirl getting spanked by a strict teacher or a sexy librarian and student or for that matter a hot detective and his suspect? The possibilities are wild...
Rules: While play-acting, forget your real self. You can only use the props and places suiting the role. For instance, a teacher's spanking stick or a doctor's stethoscope checking out never explored places in your body will create quite a ripple.
Add the sizzle: Ask your partner what all he fantasies doing with/doing to his favourite character and help him achieve the perfect part. Try these love games, and you'll be surprised to watch your relationship grow all the more exciting and healthy! Tips & Warnings 1. Don't shy away from trying these games. If one isn't good for you, another must be. So, explore... 2. Let your imaginative juices flow while playing these games to get the desired results. 3. Make sure you know your partner's preferences before you trigger off any love game. Everybody is not equally sporting

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She's a nymphomaniac if...

She's a nymphomaniac if...

1. She's a spotlight hog
Nymphomaniac women need attention from more than just one person. She can go to any extent to be a man-magnet. So, beware if your partner is all over your friend, colleague, boss or any new male for that matter.

2. The world is sex-starved to her
That's the notion she lives in. To a Nympho, no one is oversexed, only undersexed! And she is the only one on planet Earth to satiate the sexual hunger of every sex-starved soul.

3. She's always in a relationship
Her past reveals one continuous series of relationships, overloaded with sexcapades. And the reason why she's never single is that she can't stand being alone.

Moreover, each one of her former boyfriends is stark opposite from one another, hinting towards the fact that she's not looking for that certain someone special, but for that certain anyone.

4. Sex, sex every where
No matter what you say to her, she will only decipher a sexual meaning or connotation from it to satiate her urges. She'll attach every thread of conversation with eroticism finally leading to sex.

Even your passive behaviour is no resistance to her over-charged self pouncing upon you.

5. Sex is a drug
Yes, to all her ailments, anxieties and problems the only medicine that works best is - sex. She just can't get over it. Knowingly most of the times, she fails to get over that compulsive compelling to get you into bed.

6. Too much, too soon
That's her expectation from the relationship and when we say this, we mean only her physical demands. While a normal girl is still happy with kissing and cuddling, she is already burning with a burning desire to be in bed with you...with her ruling the roost, of course!

7. Deny her and see!
Every man goes through certain 'low-drive' days, when he just fails to reciprocate his gal's passion and makes lame excuses for the next time.

But dare to deny a nympho and she'll touch the extremes of behavioural patterns, including a severe spat, depression and an acute sense of withdrawal from everything around her. Extreme suicidal tendencies will get more severe.

Expert advice:
"It is impossible for sex-addict themselves to realise the need of treatment for his state of being. In such a scenario, it is the prerogative of the other half to deal with patience and convince him/her to meet an expert for advice. Lack of treatment can not only expose the addicts to acute embarrassment, but also land them in legal troubles and wrong relations, especially in the case of women," explains physiatrist, Dr. Aruna Broota.

Is she a desperado?

She blames you for your inability to commit; but maybe it’s not you, it’s her. It could be because she’s a desperate woman. While sometimes it’s cool to give way to a woman’s demands, you might be heading for trouble if your woman is showing consistent signs of extremely ‘needy’ behaviour.

Such women are intense, clingy and unable to keep a man because of their frantic desire for a serious commitment. So, how do you know if you are dating one? Check out the signs:

She’s always hooked
Read her relationship history. Is she a serial monogamist? Does she jump from one relationship to another? It could be because she cannot stand to be alone. Look closer – is one of her exes a rockstar, while another an investment banker, and still another a naturalist? The warning bells should clang if she doesn’t seem to have a particular type.

She’s got it planned
She knows what she’s doing on the last Sunday of September, next year. She’s named her future children and even picked their careers. In fact, she’s got a whole life planned. As soon as you begin dating, she keeps asking you if you love her and acts like you’ve been together for years... A desperate woman is eager to start her well-planned life immediately and will try to pressurise you into a premature commitment.

Her pets wear clothes
So she has a pet; but watch how she interacts with them. Does she mollycoddle or pamper them excessively. Does she treat them like people? A desperate woman channels her affection and need to control through animals.

She’s a doormat
Does she agree with you all the time? Are you surprisingly pleased with how similar you both are? A woman anxious to get hitched will fake compatibility in her rush to the altar. But would you want to date a mirror of your tastes and opinion?

How to get out
So, all the signs point in the direction of the woman you’re with. And you thought all that clingy, needy behaviour was affection. Take this road to freedom.

Take the blame
Disarm her by admitting you can’t commit. Sure that will make you a heartless manipulator, but it will also make you a free man. The more she cries or emotionally blackmails you into staying in the relationship, the more you shouldn’t be convinced that she’s desperate.

Damage control
After the break-up, explain to your friends and family why you’ve called it off. If she’s really desperate, she might use your people to patch things back up with you or elbow her way into your social circle.

Cut off ties
It’s heartless, but you must be tough. She’ll repeatedly try and manipulate you back into her life. Avoid her calls, change phone numbers if you have to, too.

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article from TOI Turn on the heat!

Is this what your partner says each time you initiate sex? Read on to find out how you can get your lover into the mood.
In a relationship, it often happens that while one partner is interested in sexual activity, the other loses interest. A low sexual desire is considered one the most prevalent problems among women, but recent studies show that men too face the same. This can be a rather sensitive topic for couples to deal with as it can affect the self-esteem of both partners.

A lack of sexual interest on the part of your partner does not necessarily mean that his/her feelings have changed for you. But if you are concerned about your partner's lack of desire, pay attention to your relationship. Take out some alone time when both of you can re-connect as a couple. Don't stress out your partner; instead try to tune into what he/she might be feeling.

When couples are in a loving and caring relationship low sexual desire may cause one partner to repeatedly feel hurt or rejected, culminating in feelings of resentment. Sex can either bring a couple closer or cause a problem that gradually drives them apart. If you feel you have reached a dead-end and your partner is considerably less interested in sex, then consider going for counseling before it ruins your relationship. Remember low libido is a natural part of a relationship cycle; just make sure it isn't a permanent problem.

Tips to turn on the heat!

Feed your lover finger-foods and make him/her feel like royalty. Try aphrodisiac foods like strawberries, chocolates and oysters.

While cuddling your partner, turn on the heat by giving him/her a sensual back and neck rub.

Make an audio-CD of your lover's favourite romantic tunes. Anything that will help re-kindle the romance.

Leave affectionate, naughty notes for your lover in parts of the house you know he/she will find them. Write a love letter. Just a couple of lines to tell your partner how you feel.

Send text messages during the day to let your lover know that he/she is on your mind.

Make everyday activities special. When having dinner , light some candles and put on some soft music.

Offer to do a favour for your partner or get him/her a small surprise gift.

Do something crazy together-Go for an impromptu weekend trip or spend the day at an amusement park.

Take a sensual bath together. Use aromatic bathing oils and bubbles.

Whip up a meal for your lover and serve it to him/her in bed.

Compliment your mate from time to time. Make sure he/she knows that you notice the small details.

When your lover helps you with an errand, reward him/her with kisses.

Surprise your partner by going to his/her office with a bouquet of flowers or take him/her out on a lunch date.

Take a walk down the beach together in the evening. Then suddenly turn towards your partner to give them a passionate kiss.

Give him/her love coupons that can be redeemed anytime . Coupons for a free back-rub , a sensual bath, candle-lit dinner etc.

interesting book about men and women

The Ananga Ranga
Translated by

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make your skin glow with yoga

For all yoga poses visit Yoga

How Yoga Helps

Yoga gives your skin a healthy glow by balancing your hormones and boosting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your skin. This keeps your skin resilient and prevents dryness and excessive sagging. Yoga also tones the muscles of your face and neck. These poses target your facial skin.

What to Do

Practice these poses every day.

Who Found Relief

Silvia Scura, 50, a human resources manager from Essex Fells, N.J., always had nice skin, but she worried that her skin would change as she approached menopause. She was determined not to take hormone replacement therapy, so she assumed that she would see some wrinkles.

She had tried yoga in her 30s, and seven years ago she returned to a regular practice. As a result, she says, three years ago she "sailed through menopause with the yoga glow." Her skin condition didn't change, and only a wrinkle or two has emerged.

Committed to a daily practice of deep breathing and a variety of postures (including those shown here), Scura says yoga is now central to her life. "For me, yoga is the answer to a lot of life's questions," she says. As a bonus, the varicose veins she developed in her late 30s have disappeared.

1 Face Massage

1. Sit on the floor with a tall spine with your eyes closed, and rub your hands together vigorously to warm them. Place all your fingertips on your eyebrows with your pinkie fingers next to each other. Firmly press along your brows, moving your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left, until you reach your temples. Repeat this several times, each time moving up a quarter-inch until you reach your hairline. Imagine you are smoothing out worry lines.

2. Place your fingertips on the bridge of your nose and swipe downward along your cheekbones, as if you are wiping away tears, as pictured. Repeat.

3. Press your fingertips into your temples and make small circles.

4. Open your mouth. Press the heels of your hands into your jaw (near your ear lobes), and make more small circles.

5. Use your fingertips to press your chin up toward your cheeks, as if you were molding your skin into a smile.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5, this time using a gentler, lighter touch and adding a circular motion to all the steps. Your entire massage should last at least 10 minutes.

2 Lion

simha = lion

Step by Step

Kneel on the floor and cross the front of the right ankle over the back of the left. The feet will point out to the sides. Sit back so the perineum snuggles down onto the on the top (right) heel.

Press your palms firmly against your knees. Fan the palms and splay your fingers like the sharpened claws of a large feline.

Take a deep inhalation through the nose. Then simultaneously open your mouth wide and stretch your tongue out, curling its tip down toward the chin, open your eyes wide, contract the muscles on the front of your throat, and exhale the breath slowly out through your mouth with a distinct "ha" sound. The breath should pass over the back of the throat.

Some texts instruct us to set our gaze (drishti) at the spot between the eyebrows. This is called "mid-brow gazing" (bhru-madhya-drishti; bhru = the brow; madhya = middle).Other texts direct the eyes to the tip of the nose (nasa-agra-drishti; nasa = nose; agra = foremost point or part, i.e., tip).

You can roar two or three times. Then change the cross of the legs and repeat for the same number of times.

Hide All

3 Forward Elbow Clasp

Caution: Avoid this pose if you have glaucoma, a detached retina, eye or ear inflammation, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or a history of heart disease or stroke, or if you are pregnant.

1. Stand with your feet about hip width apart and your arms at your sides.

2. Keep your feet rooted to the floor as you fold forward from your hips, keeping your back flat. Continue until your torso is hanging from your hips, and then grasp each elbow with the opposite hand, as pictured. If you feel unsteady, stand a few inches away from a wall and lean your buttocks against the wall. Keep your legs strong and allow your torso to spill out of your waist like a waterfall, noticing the weight of your head. Gaze through your legs to the wall behind you. Hold for 3 to 10 breaths. Imagine that you are bowing to your inner beauty.

3. To release, lift your abdominal muscles toward your spine and keep your back flat as you raise your torso to an upright position. Unhook your elbows and pause to notice how you feel. If you are lightheaded, sit or lie down for a moment.

Yoga for tired skin brightening

One signature quality of youthful-looking skin: a subtle glow and rosy sheen that shouts health and vibrancy. The good news is that radiant skin is easy to achieve with relatively little effort - just some good habits, says bicoastal dermatologist Karyn Grossman, M.D.


Every month, the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, sheds dead skin cells that lie on its surface, allowing new cells underneath to take their place. "Light reflects unevenly against dead or dehydrated cells, giving skin a dull appearance," explains Grossman. When cells are smooth, moisturized and new, light reflects off them evenly - giving skin a healthy sheen.


Dull-looking skin isn't hard to miss, but here are some other characteristics:

* Your skin looks tired. You look in the mirror, and your complexion just doesn't shout radiance.

* It feels rough and/or dry. Poorly hydrated skin lacks that dewy glow.

* You have uneven pigmentation (brown spots) and/or broken blood vessels. These signs of sun damage can also be precursors to dull skin, explains Grossman.


You can get healthy, radiant skin. Beauty Rx:

1. Make exfoliation a part of your daily routine. Slough off dead skin cells with chemical ingredients (alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids), physical scrubs or tretinoin-based prescription products like Retin-A or Renova. Try beComing Rapid Return Exfoliating Scrub Mask ($13;

2. Keep skin hydrated. Well-moisturized skin is radiant, says Grossman, who recommends hyaluronic-acid-based products for oily skin and essential-fatty-acid-based products for normal to dry skin. Two favorites: SkinCeuticals Hydrating [B.sub.5] Gel with hyaluronic acid ($55; and Prada Reviving Bio-Firm Concentrate/Face with essential fatty acids ($130;

3. Apply light-reflecting products. Try Prescriptives Virtual Youth makeup, a moisturizing and light-reflecting treatment foundation ($32.50;

4. Get a power peel once a month. Microdermabrasion (sloughing off the outer layer of skin with a blast of air-powered tiny particles) and dermatologist-administered chemical peels can help jump-start your skin's glow.

RELATED ARTICLE: WHAT WORKS "Today's consumers are much more educated about skin than ever before," explains Karyn Grossman, M.D., a celebrity dermatologist who caters to clients in both New York City and Santa Monica, calif. "They want new, fast, effective - and less-invasive - ways to get youthful-looking skin. And as dermatologists we need to be able to demystify everything that's out there for them." One key characteristic of youthful-looking skin: radiance. "Healthy skin has a dewy glow," she explains. A balanced diet and a healthy body can help you achieve that, but it also takes the right skin-care regimen. "Sunscreen is a must," she says, "and pampering your skin with products that exfoliate, even out the complexion and superhydrate will give you,that red-carpet glow."